Without Internet (Disconnecting)

As technology improved, the power of the smartphone can actually disconnect people towards another people in the real life but not in the virtual world. Tendler (2015) actually stated that social media causing us to become anti-social in real life. When we are going out for a dinner with friends, there will surely be people that keep looking at their phone, scrolling their phone rather than look up and to socialize face-to-face. family-dinner-in-real-life-perspective-ix-by-behrouz-jafarnezhad  This photo is an example of dining with the cell phones, not the people, and this will not be the dinner that I want to have.

A lot of my friends love to hang out with their phones when they are actually hanging out with me, I feel very disrespect when they keep on looking on the phone instead of hanging out with me. I am a person that doesn’t really need a smartphone to keep me alive, I don’t purchase data, because I don’t hold my phone all the time and right now, I believe WiFi is everywhere. I only use my smartphone when I want to make calls to others or if there is something important need to do. I don’t play Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, maybe because I not into those kinds of things.

Is best to disconnect from the Internet sometime, from the social media and start connecting people in reality. Having a face-to-face conversation, it will actually help improve the relationship of the people who are communicating face-to-face and Ashton (2013) as well stated that face-to-face communication will be more effective than talking to others online. For example, when having a face-to-face meeting, it will be easier to do a project together, if by using the Internet, it might cause delay and misunderstanding which might lead to a bad project done.

Butcher (2013) also stated that spending quality time with your friends, family or your love, can help improve the relationship and create memories with them. cropped-13415439_1118680818152845_5917740768310326920_o.jpgThis photo of mine shows the memory of mine with my beloved friends, my church family. We improved our relationship, our bonds, with this outing, we played together and hanging out together, work together to win a game, to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and this will print us a memory in our brain. If we just playing with our smartphone, looking at our smartphone, we will not be able to have this wonderful memory printed in our mind.

Putting down smartphones can help us keep the radiation away. Reading articles on smartphones, learning new things from social media is a good thing, but it won’t give us the true experience. For example, if we read a fishing guide on Facebook or somewhere else, it doesn’t mean we will know how to fish. We must go and experience it, then we will know the taste of fishing, the fun of doing it.

So putting down our smartphone, disconnect from the social media and start getting close with our loved one, life will be more fun and enjoyable.


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Butcher, 2013. “How to keep your friends and your significant others” The Huffington Post. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/uloop/how-to-keep-your-friends-_b_2947992.html

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